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Becoming a Member of Phase Space Video Art Collective

We are always interested in having more folks join as members!  Benefits of being a member include

*First dibs to sign up for classes, workshops, talks, and events
*Being able to set up your own classes, workshops, talks, and events
*Increased access to the resources and gear at Phase Space for personal projects

If you are interested in becoming a member (fill out this form). To maintain active membership it is necessary to
1. Regularly volunteer to help out with workshops, classes, talks, and events.  This can take the form of physically helping out with set up and clean up or with scheduling, emailing and other sorts of more computer based organization. 
2. Attend the seasonal meetings
3. Abide by our Code of Conduct and help make sure everyone else is as well
4. at least once per year plan out and host your own workshop, class, event, or talk.  If you are unsure of what you would like to do to satisfy this requirement we can all help out with brainstorming stuff at one of our seasonal meetings!

Phase Space Code of Conduct

At Phase Space we are primarly about teaching, sharing, and helping one another so basically anything which impedes any of these processes is not cool.  To be more specific: we will not tolerate any prejudice or chauvinism based upon ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, gender, class background, educational background, personal artistic/engineering practices or anything else that one can think of to have prejudice against or chauvinism for.  We encourage everyone to share their practices and what they have learned so doing that secret magician thing where you keep yr techiniques secret is highly discouraged as well.  We would also like everyone to feel comfortable enough to communicate to anyone else if someones speech or actions are making anyone uncomfortable.  Please remember that it is always possible to say something which is hurtful or offensive to someone else even if that was not your intention and just be open to discussion at any point.  That last part is probably the most important take away from this.  Be Open To Discussion at Any Point!  The only way we can make a community that lasts is if we are able to constantly change and adapt to the needs of members of the community!